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Plastic Chopping Board
Plastic Chopping Board


Plastic Chopping Board

Model Code Barcode Size Packig
2001 9555221305058 17cm x 27cm x 1cm 60 pcs / carton
2012 9555221307717 20cm x 33cm x 1.1cm 24 pcs / carton
2002 9555221305041 25cm x 35cm x 1.3cm 24 pcs / carton
2003 9555221307717 29cm x 43cm x 1.4cm 18 pcs / carton
  • Made with high-quality plastic.
  • Wash with hot or cold water.
  • May use detergent or bleach to remove stains.
  • Will stand boiling water but keep it away from fire, hot pots, and pans.

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